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Ed Solis leading the peloton while wearing his small Clearview Micro Mirror.

Do I Need a Mirror?

The Clearview Micro Helmet Mirror provides information similar to that of a quick glance over the shoulder.

If you are curious about passing vehicles or training partners, this will assist in viewing them without turning your head each time.

No mirror should substitute for an actual visual while maneuvering your bicycle!

I Already Have a Mirror !

The Clearview Micro Helmet Mirror is a downscaled version of what exists on the market. The field of view is achieved by mounting the mirror close to the user's eye.

Place your current mirror in the approximate location the Clearview Micro Helmet Mirror would be used, which would ideally be 2cm down from the rim and 1cm from the front edge of the helmet.

If you can clearly see a rear image, and the device will mount onto that general area of your helmet, it would be worth a try.

Clearview Micro Helmet Mirror-commuter

Get Your Own Clearview Micro Mirror Now!

Stocked at the Top Local Bicycle Retailers Throughout the Country.

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Ed Solis leading the peloton while wearing his small Clearview Micro Mirror.

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What Our Customers Think!

"I hadn't thought of purchasing a helmet mirror for road rides until Ed suggested the Clearview Micro Helmet Mirror.

Most of the helmet mirrors are big and stick out like a sore thumb, which is why no one wants to use them.

The guys I ride with hadn't noticed it until I pointed it out."
- Ray from TX